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En Masse: Shifting and sharing with the times




“There is not any 1 thing which produces success,” states En Masse CEO Sam Kim.

As you may hear loads of ‘hear, hear’ answers agreeing with that opinion from throughout the game growth fraternity, it belies a formulation where En Masse Entertainment has assembled a strong and effectual series of strategies and technologies.

Following a founding at South Korea, and launching West at 2009, En Masse has expanded and introduced the online action-RPG Tera with remarkable fortitude and durability. Emerging in a time when matches from South Korea and everywhere were still attempting to discover a foothold in the western marketplace, En Masse shaped since the North American printing wing for a worldwide launch.

Positioned as a premium AAA name alongside powerhouse franchises and current releases such as Diablo III and Star Wars: The Old Republic, the struggle has been clear and current. But following the 2012 launching, a change in 2013 into a free-to-play version helped propel Tera’s user-base, and consequently, lay the basis for a game which continues to flourish in the modern testing market.

Above: Sam Kim, CEO, En Masse.



“User acquisition, retention, and sometimes even monetization–all those really large metrics–shot through the roof,” says Kim of the company modification into the free-to-play initiative. “We were able to leverage several activities around retention and involvement…therefore the scale of spike that arrived was greater than anticipated,” he adds.

Only five years back this version would have probably been considered untenable. However, Kim implies that the community outreach and interaction has been crucial to forging relationships that allowed Tera to triumph. “We saw great success in Tera at the continuous involvement with communities, in construction features, and conducting events and internet systems out of the sport that increased involvement within the sport,” he states.

And ‘out the match’ is likely a crucial, under-appreciated facet of creating a connection which pays off to the in-game occasions.

“One thing we had fun with was a Kickstarter parody (where we made a monitoring system, grade system( and profile site) which had a communicable format which was based on activities that happened in-game. It had a thermometer that monitored events in-game that resulted in bodily awards, invites to events, etc.,” adds Kim.

This procedure (and dedication to its user-base) wasn’t solely to embolden its own players. The group got a major kick out of this reaction, also. “We found it lots of fun for a publisher, and as players ourselves, but additionally, it helped if it was a little PR pick-up, or participation in the sport, or perhaps at monetization.”

The organization of a Small Business
The business of matches in the free-to-play marketplace has changed drastically, and that’s something a firm like En Masse has adopted. Since Kim explains it, Twitch functions as “a vital piece in the consciousness formula.” Additionally, it functions as a reminder to more conventional media outlets which their effect is diminishing: “[We see] a decline in performance advertising (banner advertisements, more conventional areas). They’re becoming more costly, but less powerful.”

This contributes to the out-of-game business to engage and keep players. “There are several games found across platforms which it is more difficult to keep somebody’s attention,” Kim adds. “So it comes down to the way we are augmenting out-of-game connection with gamers.”



Obviously, it is not straightforward. Most sport launches are hard with this particular climate of policy and consciousness. For a business like En Masse, which suggests building on its core strengths.

“For Tera 40-50 percent are gamers return to us after a very long period of inactivity. We call it a win-back. And also a huge percent of these are consecutive win-backs. We understand life happens, but if you return and then you return again, that is wonderful. That fire, there is nothing which can pretend it or recreate it…it is accurate.”

While embracing and maintaining the present portfolio, the market goes ahead, requiring alterations and developments. So Tera Console is forthcoming, as is Closers (launch date undecided) which Kim describes as “a arcade stand-up beat-em-up design, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Golden Axe (should you would like to go way, way back). So Persona 5 artwork design meets the MMORPG facet, together with the amount up of RPGs.”

Technology, of course, pushes a lot of the dialog, even if it is true of being reticent regarding the chances. “I’ve seen some wonderful articles that I think is persuasive,” says Kim, including “I’m a big believer in VR and AR, but it is gated by this adoption…the longer it gets out there the better for programmers.”

It is an idea not unheard among game programmers expecting to embrace the upcoming big thing. But current technologies in the functions enable a firm like En Masse to flourish. “The cloud was so great for us,” states Kim. “When we start games, sure, we are a North American thing, but it is a worldwide audience. The U.S. may just account for 30-40 percent of the viewers, and we receive a great amount from Europe and South East Asia. Taking to the cloud opens the doorways into the professional services we could provide to the consumer throughout the board. This means we may not need to produce physical presences in Brazil or even Frankfurt, therefore with progressively international infrastructure, we could encourage those efforts from 1 location.”

The sport is most certainly shifting and figuring out the best way for your business in this environment is essential. Short-term gain or long-term connection?

As Sam Kim states, “Our vision is one which needs a long-lasting excellent relationship with the participant. None that is only flat one to five and you are done. But one which would gain from a long-term relationship.”

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